Wallachia (West)

Romanian name: "Tara Romaneasca" (or "Valahia") or "Muntenia"

"Vlachs" is the term used by the Slavic and German neighbors refering to Romanians and it means (Romance-language speakers): for example Polish people still refer to Italians as "Wlochy" for the same reason. Romanians rarely use the name "Valahia" referring to themselves. The old name of the region is "Tara Romaneasca (pronounced "tza-rah-raw-ma-nes-cah") which means (The Land of the Romanians). Bucharest historically belongs to "Tara Romaneasca", the region that became the political gravity center of Romania. "Muntenia" literally means "from the mountains", referring to the high altitude location of the old Wallchian capitals, before the capital was moved to the lowlands, in Bucharest.


Bucsani Wisent Reservation

Comana Monastery

Poenari Castle




Vidraru Dam


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