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Arbore, Moldavia, Romania

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Bukovina area, the north-western corner of Moldavia; a former province of Austria, Bukovina is now divided between Romania and Ukraine. The city of Suceava is the main urban center in the area.

About Arbore, Moldavia

It is a World Heritage UNESCO site. The monastery is centuries-old and the external decorations are amazing.

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Places to visit in Arbore, Romania

Church of Saint John the Baptist
Arbore is a rather large village, best known for its church dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. Its painted church was the first Moldavian painted church to be included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The monastery and the commune are named after the boyar Luca Arbore who built the church in 1503. The erection of the church was completed in about 5 months. Its exterior paintings date from 1541 and it took about 40 years.
Due to its more modest dimensions, the inside of the church consists of only 3 chambers: pronaos, naos and altar. It contains the tombs of the boyar Arbore and his family.

Going out
Most of the entertainment facilities are located in the nearby city of Suceava. If you decide to spend the night in the village, though, you can ask your host to cook for you some traditional Bukovinian dishes for dinner.

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