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, town in Dobruja/ POP.10,000


Babadag, Dobruja, Romania

> The largest locality in the Delta after the city of Tulcea
> The Oriental Art Museum and the Ali-Gazi-Pasha Mosque
> Razim-Sinoe lakes are located nearby

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Babadag is located 35km from Tulcea, close to a small lake, in the densely wooded highlands of northern Dobruja. Its name means "the mountain of the father" in Turkish.The Babadag Lake is divided only by a strip of marshland from Razim Lake, a broad landlocked sheet of water spilling into the Black Sea.

About Babadag, Dobruja

The name of Babadag come from the 13th century, when a large number of Turks settled to Dobruja. The construction of a fortress was begun here but by 1650 only the fortress' foundation walls and towers were standing. The town's location near to the Black Sea made it a target for the Russian navy, the town was bombed by the Russians in 1854 during the Crimean War. Following the war between the Ottoman and Russian empires (1877-1878) Babadag became part of an independent Romania. At Babadag, the Romanian Army operates one of the largest military training facility in Europe, also used by the US forces.

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Places to visit in Babadag, Romania

Obiectiv Ali-Gazi-Pasha Mosque
…built in 1522, is the oldest mosque in Romania.
The Oriental Art Museum
…is hosted by the 19th century "Panaghia" building. Its collections feature beautiful artifacts, religious & military items, Turkish dolls, Anatolia carpets, among others.

Concerts & Festivals in Dobruja

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