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Baile Felix, Thermal Spa in Transylvania / POP. 630


Baile Felix, Transylvania, Romania

> The Felix & 1Mai spas
> White Lilies Natural Reservation.
> Close to Oradea, when looking for entertainment.
> The medieval Chapel in Haieu.

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Baile Felix is located in Transylvania, in Bihor County. It is minutes away from Oradea, the 2nd largest city in Banat-Crisana region.

About Baile Felix, Transylvania

It is the best known and most quality thermal spa in Romania. The resorts host many mineral springs with thermal (20-48°C), sulphuric, calcic, sodic, rich in bicarbonate waters known since the beginning of the millennium.

The Felix and 1 Mai spa are ideal for relaxation and visitors can take advantage of the pool with artificial waves in 1 Mai and also the thermal water swimming resorts : "Apolo" (since 1900) in Felix and "Venus" in 1 Mai.

You can go to Felix just for fun or for medical reasons: the soothing effect of the waters on articular and muscular pain and on various rheumatic neuralgias accounts for the fame of cures in the resort for the treatment of inflammatory rheumatic diseases.

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Places to visit in Baile Felix, Romania

The Haieu Chapel
...impressive medieval church (14th century).

The Sanifarm building
...former baroque monastery, build in the 18th century by the St. Vincentio Order.

The wooden Church from Brusturi
...built in 1785, is a national monument.
Oradea city, less than 10 minutes away from the spa.

Concerts & Festivals in Transylvania

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