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Baile Herculane (German: Herkulesbad), town and thermal spa in Banat-Crisana / POP.9,000


Baile Herculane, Banat-Crisana, Romania

> This spa was already in use during the Roman Empire.
> Thermal treatment in open and closed pools.
> 4 out of the 10 major naional parks of Romania are located nearby.
> Close to the Danube, you can visit the Iron Gates.
> 25 km close to the Serbian frontier, so you can also visit Belgrade.

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The southern edge of Banat-Crisana region, it is accessible from the city of Resita or Timisoara. The city is very close to the Danube.

About Baile Herculane, Banat-Crisana 

It’s one of the oldest spas in the world, known since the Roman Empire; the legend says that Hercules stopped in the valley to bathe and rest. Today, the spa town is visited for its natural healing properties: hot springs with sulfur, chlorine, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other minerals, as well as negatively ionized air.

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Places to visit in Baile Herculane, Romania

The Peştera Hoţilor
..."Cave of the Thieves" contains multiple levels, some of them from theMesolithic and Neolithic periods.

The Roman baths ruins
...are easely accessible from the spa.
Going out
The closest place for pubs and good restaurants is Turnu Severin, a city on the Danube, located in the neighbor Oltenia region, about one hour away.

Concerts & Festivals in Banat-Crisana

The “Hercules” International Folklore Festival
...takes place every year, in July, gathering international music & dance ensembles. In 2010 the Festival will celebrate its 30 years aniversary.

The “Rachie” Festival in Banat
...takes place at the end of October and gathers producers of “rachie” (local brandy), plum brandy and other traditional Romanian alcoholic beverages.

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