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Baile Tusnad, town and spa in Transylvania / POP.1,728


Baile Tusnad, Transylvania, Romania

> Thermal treatment and physical relaxation.
> Saint Anna, a volcanic lake
> The folklore festivals in the area around Tusnad.

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Baile Tusnad It is located on Olt river in the Szekely area of southern Transylvania.

About Baile Tusnad, Transylvania

Called “The Pearl of Transylvania”, Tusnad is one of the most beautiful places in Romania, splendidly situated at 650 m high, between two mountains (Harghita and Bodoc) and on Olt River, therefore creating a nice tonic environment, perfect for physical relaxation.

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Places to visit in Baile Tusnad, Romania

Sfanta Ana
The town and the surrounding area are famous for their spas and mineral waters. Nearby is the famous volcanic crater lake, the only one of its kind in Romania, called Sfanta Ana.
Going out
Check out Sf. Gheorghe, a city less than one hour south of Tusnad.

Concerts & Festivals in Transylvania

The Balvanyos Song, Dance and Costume Festival
...takes place yearly, in June

The Folklore Festival at Ica Fortress
...takes place yearly, in July

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