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Bucegi National Park, Wallachia


Bucegi National Park, Wallachia, Romania

> The spas of Prahova Valley.
> Babele rocks.
> The Bran Pass and Bran Castle.
> Ialomita cave and its centuries-old monastery.

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Bucegi is 326 sq km large and is located mainly in northern Wallachia while a smaller part is located in Transylvania. It is easely accesible from the popular resorts of Prahova Valley, less than 2 hours north from Bucharest.

About Bucegi National Park, Wallachia 

Bucegi area received the highest investments among the mountain areas of Romania so you will be able to find proper facilities for several outdoor activities.

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Places to visit in Bucegi National Park, Romania

Bucegi National Park was created in 2003 to protect the beauty of Bucegi mountains when the touristic facilities started to develop at an unprecedented pace. Prahova Valley, located in Bucegi area is today the most popular weekend destination for people in Bucharest, so the National Park was meant to protect the nature against an unstoppable touristic pressure.

Bucegi Mountains
Are a group of mountains belonging to the Transylvanian Alps. To the east, the Bucegi Mountains have a very steep slope towards the popular tourist destination Prahova Valley (a.o. Busteni and Sinaia). At a higher elevation is the Bucegi Plateau, where wind and rain have turned the rocks into spectacular figures such as the Sphinx and Babele. Bucegi is believed to be the Dacian (the ancestors of the Romanians) holy mountain Kogainon, on which the mythical figure Zalmoxis resided in a cave. The mountains are grouped in three ranges: Bucegi Mountains (Omul Peak - 2505 meters), Leaota Mountains (Leaota Peak - 2133 meters) and Piatra Craiului Mountains (Baciului Peak - 2238 meters)

The Bran Pass
It separates the Piatra Craiului and Leaota ranges; it was marked by border crossings between Wallachia and Transylvania, and used to be defended by the Bran Castle.

Prahova Valley
It is the valley where the Prahova river makes its way between the Bucegi and the Baiului Mountains, in the Carpathian Mountains, Romania. It is a major tourist region, situated about 100 km north of the capital city of Bucharest. Geographically, the Prahova river separates the Eastern Carpathians chain from the Southern Carpathians (aka Transylvanian Alps). The corridor was always the most important passage way between the principalities of Wallachia and Transylvania and the present DN1 road and the future A3 highway continue this tradition. Prahova Valley will be the bid of Romania for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. The region is a popular destination for mountaineers and for winter sports fans. The most important resorts are: Sinaia, Azuga and Busteni while Predeal is the only one that is located in Transylvania.

Babele Rocks
It means "the old women" is a name for an area on the Bucegi Mountains plateau in Romania. Babele is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. The name comes from some mushroom shaped rock formations, the result of erosion and varying hardness of the rock layers. The Bucegi Sphinx is another rock formation in the same area, named for its sphinx-like appearance. The Babele challet is accessible either by cable car from Busteni resort, or by road. It can also be reached by foot.

Ialomita Cave
Located at 1,530m altitude. A river crosses through the cave; it has large halls and long galleries. The most interesting thing about it is that an old monastery is located right at the entrance: Ialomita Monastery built in the 16th century. The fee is 1 euro, so that the monks can afford to pay for illuminating the whole cave. The first hall is 115m long, 15m wide and up to 25m high but the largest one is called Grota Ursilor.

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