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Calimanesti (aka Calimanesti-Caciulata), town in Oltenia / POP.8,600


Calimanesti, Oltenia, Romania

> The Balneary Resort of Calimanesti
> The Cozia Monastery
> The "Songs of Olt" Folk Festival

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Calimanesti is located on Olt river in the northern half of Oltenia region.

About Calimanesti, Oltenia

The location has several thermal springs. Calimanesti-Caciulata is known as a spa town. During the 20th century, many hotels and treatment facilities were built in Caciulata, a northern area of the town which is close to Cozia Monastery.

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Places to visit in Calimanesti, Romania

The Cozia Monastery
...bult in 1388 by Mircea cel Batran, the most important ruler of Wallachia. It is one of the most valuable monuments of national medieval art and architecture in Romania. Cozia was painted between 1390 and 1931. Some of the original frescoes (1390) are still well preserved.
Going out
The spa is located 15 minutes north of Ramnicu Valcea, a city where you can find some places to have dinner and a few clubs. One hour north of Calimanesti you'll find Sibiu, one of the best places in Romania to spend your evenings.

Concerts & Festivals in Oltenia

The Olt's Songs" Folk Festival
...takes place in Calimanesti, every August

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