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Calnic (German: Kelling), village in Transylvania / POP.3,000


Calnic, Transylvania, Romania

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The Saxon area of southern Transylvania, close to the city of Sebes.

About Calnic, Transylvania

Unlike the other UNESCO protected Saxon fortification from Transylvania, this one is more a residential castle than a fortified church.

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Places to visit in Calnic, Romania

The Castle of Calnic
The castle, first mentioned in 1269, is very well preserved. Built as a noble's residence, it was bought in 1430 by local peasants and fortified. It consists of a large court surrounded by walls and some buildings adjacent to the walls. In the middle of the court there is a large donjon as well as a chapel.
The castle differs from most other constructions of this type in that it is not situated on a hilltop but rather in a depression, much lower than the surrounding hills. This position, clearly inconvenient in case of a siege, can be explained by the castle's first function as a residence, not meant as a defensive construction.
Going out
See the nearby city of Sebes, pop.27,000 or even Alba Iulia, pop.66.000 (28km away from the village) for pubs, clubs, restaurants or concerts.

Concerts & Festivals in Transylvania

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