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Casa Scanteii, Bucharest


Casa Scanteii, Bucharest, Romania

> For half a century it was the highest in Romania.
> It is the expression of Socialist Realist design.
> It is one of the few important communist building older than Ceausescu regime.

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The northern side of Bucharest in the Casa Presei Libere area.

About Casa ScanteiiBucharest

It has a foundation with an area of 280x260m, the total constructed area is 32,000 m2. Its height is 104m and was completed half a century ago, in 4 years.

Casa Scanteii is now known as Casa Presei Libere (The House of the Free Press), a building in northern Bucharest that was the tallest in the city up to 2007. Construction began in 1952 and was completed four years later. The building was later named Casa Scanteii (Scanteia was the name of the Romanian Communist Party's official newspaper). It was designed in the pure style of Soviet Socialist realism, resembling the main building of the Moscow State University. In 1960, a giant statue of Vladimir Lenin was placed in front of the building; it was removed in 1990; the statue's pedestal is still there.

The free press
The building was intended to house all of Bucharest's communist printing presses, the newsrooms and their staff. It has basically the same role nowadays, with many of today's newspapers having their headquarters in the same building.

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