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Top 10 Cathedrals & Churches, Romania 

Regions: Transylvania, Banat-Crisana and Moldavia 

+ Black Church of Brasov (Transylvania, Romania) 

+ Millenium Church of Timisoara (Banat-Crisana, Romania) 

+ St.Michael's Cathedral of Alba Iulia (Transylvania, Romania) 

+ St.Michael's Church of Cluj (Transylvania, Romania) 

+ The Church on the Hill from Sighisoara (Transylvania, Romania) 

+ The Evangelical Church of Sibiu (Transylvania, Romania) 

+ The Metropolitan Cathedral of Cluj (Transylvania, Romania) 

+ The Metropolitan Cathedral of Iasi (Moldavia, Romania) 

+ The Metropolitan Cathedral of Sibiu (Transylvania, Romania) 

+ The Metropolitan Cathedral of Timisoara (Banat-Crisana, Romania) 



Cathedrals & Churches, Travel Guide 

> 4 are Orthodox, 3 Catholic and 3 Protestant
> Most of them are centuries old.
> St.Michael Cathedral of Alba Iulia is as old as Notre Dame de Paris. 
> The Orthodox cathedrals are all Metropolitan seats for their regions. 
> The Protestand and Catholic ones have amazing pipe organs; don't miss the concerts.

Map of Cathedrals & Churches, Romania  

9 out of 10 are located in the Western regions of Romania: Transylvania and Banat-Crisana. The other one is located in Iasi, Moldavia.

About Cathedrals & Churches, Romania  

Romania is very rich in religious structures, may they be Orthodox, Catholic or Protestant. Most regions have mainly an Orthodox tradition; the exception are the regions that used to be part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire - Transylvania and Banat-Crisana - and where Catholicism and the Protestant movement had a great impact. Some churches are as old as 1246 while others were built in the 20th century. You can see all the main architectural styles in these 10 locations: Gothic, Romanic, Baroque, Rennaisance, Byzantine or Traditional Romanian.

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Black Church is Protestant, the largest Gothic church of Romania. Millenium is the heart of the Catholic community in Banat area, around Timisoara. St.Michael's Catholic Cathedral of Alba Iulia is the oldest, built in 1246 while St.Michael's Catholic Church of Cluj is the highest in Transylvania, built 1442. The Church on the Hill is a Protestant Church, the most important building of the beautiful Medieval citadel of Sighisoara. The Evangelical Church of Sibiu is a Protestant church that hosts the largest pipe organ in South-Eastern Europe. The Metropolitan cathedrals are all Orthodox and all of them built at the end of 19th century or the beginning of the 20th century. 


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