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Cheile Nerei - Beusnita National Park, Banat-Crisana


Cheile Nerei - Beusnita National Park, Banat-Crisana, Romania

> Rich mountain vegetation close to the Danube.
> Trekking, biking, rafting, hiking, camping.
> Rivers, waterfalls, lakes and caves.

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Cheile Nerei - Beusnita National Park is located in southern Banat, close to the city Resita. You can access the park starting from the towns of Anina or Oravita. To arrive in one of the two towns, you will probably start from Timisoara then the city of Resita.

About Cheile Nerei - Beusnita National Park, Banat-Crisana 

The mountain rivers are crystal clear while the vegetation is very rich in the area, and the whole ecosystem is connected to the Danube. There are 6 Natural Reservations within the National Park. You are welcome to do trekking, rafting on Nera river, hiking, and mountain biking.

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Places to visit in Cheile Nerei - Beusnita National Park, Romania

It has an area of 367 sq km and it is positioned south to Anina Mountains. Nera Gorges ("Cheile Nerei") occupies the largest part of it and it is a beautiful karst region. Beu Valley is the other part of it, an area where Devil's Lake ("Lacul Dracului"), Beusnita Waterfalls, "Ochiul Beului" Lake and Susara Waterfall are located.

Nera Gorges
"Cheile Nerei" in Romanian, are located on the valley of Nera river, between Sasca Romana village and Sopotul Nou river and they're 20km long. There are signs that lead you through but you will still have to cross Nera river to get to the other end of it.

Beusnita Waterfall
It is a network of connected small waterfalls on Beu River. They appeared as a result of erosion of the chalk-stone that took milleniums to happen. They are a Natural Reservation

Ochiul Beului Lake
Is a small lake (284 sq m) close to Beusnita Waterfalls. What is interesting about it is that the lake is permanently regenerating as it is supplied by a natural spring located inside the lake. The maximum depth is 3,6m.

Devil's Lake
"Lacul Dracului" in Romanian, is a karstic lake in Locva Mountains close to Nera Gorges. It has a blue-green color and has 20m in diameter and about 9m deep and was formed when the ceiling of a nearby cave crashed. The Cave of Devil's Lake has its entrance right nearby the lake; the cave is 70m long.

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