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Chilia veche, village in Dobruja
/ POP.3,600


Chilia veche, Dobruja, Romania

> One of the largest village in the Delta
> Close to several reservations

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Chilia Veche gave its name to the Chilia branch of the Danube, which separates Romania from Ukraine. The closest city is Tulcea.

About Chilia Veche, Dobruja 

Founded by the Byzantines, the first written recording comes from year 1241.
There are 16 Natural Reservations in the area. Rosca-Buhaiova-Hrecisca is over
150km2 large and hosts the largest pelican colony in Europe as well as the Letea
forest, a unique ecosystem in Europe. A town on the other side of the Danube, in
Ukraine, known as Novo Kilia (Romanian: Chilia Nouă or "Newer Chilia", was built
by Stephen the Great of Moldavia in the 15th Century. The winters are hot with
low precipitations; winters are mild but winds can be strong.

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Places to visit in Chilia Veche, Romania

Parks and Gardens
The whole Delta is a huge Natural Park, the largest and the best preserved delta in the European Union and is in the top 3 most important in the world. You can watch over 320 types of migratory birds, coming from as far as Mongolia and Siberia. Taste the traditional dishes cooked by local fishermen. Enjoy flora and landscapes typical for a wetland, quite unique for the continent. Enjoy the  silence of the least populated area in the temperate Europe. Hire a boat and a guide and contemplate the beauty of the small channels.

Concerts & Festivals in Dobruja

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