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Cincu (German: Grossschenk), village in Transylvania / POP.1,800


Cincu, Transylvania, Romania

> The Cincu fortified church.

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The Saxon area of southern Transylvania, close to the Transylvanian Alps and the city of Fagaras.

About Cincu, Transylvania

The village was established by German colonists in the 12th century on a plateau placed between two rivers. It was first mentioned in a written document from 1329.

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Places to visit in Cincu, Romania

The fortified church from Cincu
... has the largest Roman basilica in Saxon Transylvanian village. It is located more southern than most of the other Saxon villages, therefore closer to the Transylvanian Alps, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to explore the mountains.
The church has the largest Roman style basilica among the Saxon villages and it is positioned on the descending side of hill that defends it on 3 out of its 4 sides. The fortification was done in the beginning of the 16th century and has been modified following the Turkish occupation. The walls were partially destroyed and they're 2-3 meters high nowadays.
Going out
If you plan to go out in the evenings, you won't find much within the village itself. Try the nearby city of Fagaras, pop.36,000, for better entertaniment opportunities.

Concerts & Festivals in Transylvania

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