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Codlea, village in Transylvania / POP.24,000


Codlea, Transylvania, Romania

> The largest fortified church in the entire Barsa land.
> The old swimming pool.
> The beautiful houses of the old town.
> Very easely accesible from Brasov.

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 Codlea is located 15 minute away from central Brasov, the second most important city of Transylvania.

About Codlea, Transylvania

 During the 13th century, the Teutonic Order built a fortress known as Schwarzburg ("black castle") nearby. It has probably been destroyed during the great Tatar invasion of 1345. The city of Codlea is believed to have been also founded by Germans. The fortified church in the city is the largest in the Burzenland historic region. Codlea was well known for it's flowers and was called the city of flowers.

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Places to visit in Codlea, Romania

Parks and Gardens

The Swimming Pool
...was built more than a century ago. It is connected to one of Goldbach river's springs, that provides a constant 18C temperature.


The Lutheran Church
...built in the 13th century, surrounded by a strong fortification supported by several towers. Its tower is 65m high.

Going out
You are minutes away from Brasov if you want to spend a nice evening.

Concerts & Festivals in Transylvania

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