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Comana Monastery,  Bucharest


Comana Monastery, Bucharest, Romania

> Some historians say that the old monastery is the real burial place of Vlad.
> The original monastery was built on an island surrounded by swamps.

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Less than half an hour south from the capital, Bucharest, in Comana village, close to the city of Giurgiu.

About Comana Monastery, Bucharest

Vlad Dracula was assasinated in 1476 and his head was sent to Istambul, so that the Sultan can see with his own eyes that his enemy was dead indeed. Some historians say that his body must have been buried at Comana monastery but no one knows the exact location of his crypt.
Comana Monastery is located in Comana village, south of Bucharest and was built by Vlad Tepes (Vlad Dracula) in 1461 on a former island located in the middle of a swamp. It was rebuilt a century later using the materials from the monastery that, in the meantime - became a ruin.
Several Wallachian leaders were buried at Comana, mainly those from Cantacuzino family. The monastery was once again rebuilt, in the 19th century, when most of the tombs were destroied. Some of the original walls are still standing.

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