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Cotnari, Moldavia, Romania

> The white wines: check out Grasa de Cotnari.
> The wine cellars.
> This wine region has a centuries-old tradition.


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It is located north-west of Iaşi, the capital of Moldavia in a major wine-producing region of Romania.

About Cotnari, Moldavia 

During the 1850's, Cotnari was awarded gold in an international contest for the first time. In Paris, Grasa de Cotnari white wines were conferred the supreme distinction. The wines were again awarder several international awards starting with the 1960's. Cotnary vineyard is part of the viticulture region of the Moldavian Plateau, unique due to the vine’s personality and to the sunny slopes, to the refinement of the white wines obtained here and most of all thanks to the people’s traditional love and caring for wine culture. Cotnari also hosts an interesting collection of wines from the company's personal reserve so don't forget to pay a visit to their wine cellars.

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Places to visit in Cotnari, Romania

The first College in Moldavia
...was founded in Cotnari by Despot-Voda in 1562. Also known as Academy or Latin School, the College has been attended in the first year of activity by an approximate number of 150-200 students from all over Moldavia.

Saint Parascheva’s Church
...the legend goes that Steven the Great, the Lord of Moldavia willing to have a church built, ascended on the hills of Cotnari and shoot his arch; Between 1491 and 1493 Saint Parascheva’s church was raised on the spot where the arrow felt.

Concerts & Festivals in Moldavia

Check out Iasi, the capital of Moldavia region, located close to Cotnari.

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