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Craiova, Capital of Oltenia / POP.302,000 (metro: 320,000)


Craiova, Oltenia, Romania

> Nicolae Romanescu Park.
> Brancusi collection in the Art Museum.
> Cosuna Monastery.
> The central plaza.

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Located at about equal distances from the Southern Carpathians (north) and the River Danube (south), in the heart of Oltenia region.

About Craiova, Oltenia

Craiova is the chief commercial city west of Bucharest and the largest one of Oltenia region. The city prospered as a regional trading centre despite an earthquake in 1790, a plague in 1795, and a Turkish assault in 1802 during which it was burned. In 1900, Craiova had 43% of the industrial units of Oltenia. Under the Communist regime, the city become a noted industrial centre. A major automobiles factory (sold in 2007 to Ford) is located in the city. The city is served by Craiova Airport but no low-cost flights are available yet.

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Places to visit in Craiova, Romania

Nicolae Romanescu Park
...the largest and most well-known park in Craiova; plans for the park were awarded the gold medal at the 1900 World Fair. Some say that it is the 3rd largest park in Europe.

The Botanical Garden
...opened in 1952, has an area of 170.000 sq.m.

Madona Dudu Church
...built around 1750, it was rebuilt one century later, after being damaged by an earthquake.

The Church of Coşf0 una Monastery
...the oldest building preserved in Craiova, dating from 1483.

Baniei House
...the oldest non-religious building that exists in Craiova, dating from 1699. Today it hosts the Museum of Ethnography and Folk Art.

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Jitianu Curch, Jean Mihail Palace and Vorvorenilor Palace, The Palace of Justice (today hosting the University) and the former Administrative Palace (today hosting the Mayor's House)

Craiova Art Museum
...its main attraction is the art gallery dedicated to Constantin Brancusi, hosted by a 1856 building.

The Museum of Oltenia
...founded in 1915 and divided into three sections: ethnography, history and natural science. The collection is based on donations made in 1908.

It is not on the top locations to visit in Romania but Craiova has some fine pieces of 19th century architecture that make it worth paying a visit.

Craiova is also an important educational center: University of Craiova (25.000 students) and a University of Medicine and Pharmacy are located in the city.


West Gate Craiova Mall.

Concerts & Festivals in Oltenia

Craiova is home to an Opera and a National Theatre, both founded in 1850 and a Philarmonic.

The Days of Craiova the main local celebration, where you can eat well, drink well, enjoy concerts, theatre and a carnival.

Craiova Muzicala International Festival
...organized by the Philarmonic, it is almost 40 years old and probably the most important cultural event in the Oltenia region.

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