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Crisan, village in Dobruja/ POP.1,400


Crisan, Dobruja, Romania

> Located on Sulina, the most popular branch of Danube
> A crossroad for several destinations in the Delta

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On Sulina branch of Danube, right in the middle of the Delta, less than 50 km from the city of Tulcea. Crisan is about half the distance between Tulcea and Sulina. It is a very popular starting point for exploring the Delta.

About Crisan, Dobruja

You can take a regular ship to get there in about 3 hours. With a fast boat you can get there in less than 1 hour from Tulcea. A traditional fishermen village, Crisan enjoyed some development because it is located on the most important branch of the Danube, Sulina, on the route the ships take to cross the Delta. Three smaller branches connect in Crisan; if you go south you'll end up at Rosu lake while going north you'll arrive in Mila 23 and Letea forest; ask the locals where you can rent a lotca (local for "boat"), and travel on the Old Danube Canal to Mila 23. You can also take a boat to Caraorman ("Black Forest" in Turkish) village and Caraorman Forest, a beautiful protected area.

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Places to visit in Crisan, Dobruja

Parks and Gardens
The whole Delta is a huge Natural Park, the largest and the best preserved delta in the European Union and is in the top 3 most important in the world. You can watch over 320 types of migratory birds, coming from as far as Mongolia and Siberia. Taste the traditional dishes cooked by local fishermen. Enjoy flora and landscapes typical for a wetland, quite unique for the continent. Enjoy the silence of the least populated area in the temperate Europe. Hire a boat and a guide and contemplate the beauty of the small channels.

Concerts & Festivals in Dobruja

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