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Dragomirna, village in Moldavia / POP.3,900


Dragomirna, Moldavia, Romania

> Dragomirna Monastery.
> Because of the walls, it looks like a fortress.
> You can sleep over right next the monastery itself.

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Bukovina area, the north-western corner of Moldavia; a former province of Austria, Bukovina is now divided between Romania and Ukraine. The city of Suceava is the main urban center in the area.

About Dragomirna, Moldavia

Although this one doesn't have external painting, this monastery of nuns is as old as the others and it is the tallest medieval monastery in Bukovina. The surrounding area is also very nice. Dragomirna is a small village, part of Mitocu Dragomirnei commune of Bukovina.

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Places to visit in Dragomirna, Romania

The Dragomirna Monastery
...was built during the first three decades of the 17th century. It is the tallest medieval monastery in Bucovina and renowned in Orthodox architecture for its unique proportions and intricate details, mostly carved into stone. It lies among forested hills of fir and oak. The history of the monastery started in 1602, when the small church in the graveyard was built.
Unlike other monasteries, there is no votive inscription at Dragomirna. The year in which it was built and the names of the founder was discovered only after study of the documents of the time: Anastasie Crimca, a monk at the Putna monastery that became the Metropolitan of Moldavia. The monastery was endowed with a defensive wall, which made it look like a fortress. In the four corners there are narrow square towers.

Going out
Most of the entertainment facilities are located in the nearby city of Suceava (15km). If you decide to spend the night, you can remain at the monastery. For ~10 euro they will give you a room in a small building next to the monastery. You can eat inside the monastery, if you decide to sleep there; the meal is ~5 euro and most of what you'll eat is made with the produced locally by the nuns.

Concerts & Festivals in Moldavia

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