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Eforie, town and spa in Dobruja / POP.9,500


Eforie, Dobruja, Romania

> Black Sea beaches at Eforie North and Eforie South
> Therapeutic spas.
> Techirghiol Lake.

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Eforie is located in Dobruja region, close to Constanta.

About Eforie, Dobruja

The thermal treatment facilities are active 365 days, even in winter, when warmed up artificially. Eforie is located close to the Techirghiol Lake, well known for its therapeutic mud. It is not only a spa but also one of the most popular seaside resorts on the Black Sea. There are two main beaches in Eforie, North and South.

Eforie North is the 2nd largest sea resort of Dobruja; the beach is 3km long and up to 100m wide. It hosts up to 20.000 tourists. An Ana Aslan Center (famous Romanian geriatric treatments) was opened in 2003.

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Places to visit in Eforie, Romania

The Techirhiol Lake
...the name of the lake comes from Turkish and means "striped lake", coming from the salinity of the lake; when the wind blows, white salt stripes appear on the surface of the lake.
Going out
The best place to have dinner or go out clubbing is Constanta, the capital of Dobruja region, 10 minutes north of Eforie.

Concerts & Festivals in Dobruja

The Eforie Days
...take place every year in August; lost of well known Romanian artists perform here.

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