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Fagaras Fortress, Transylvania


Fagaras Fortress, Transylvania, Romania

> One of the strongest fortified castles in Transylvania.
> It hosted the Transylvanian Parliament several times.
> The museum located inside the castle.

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The fortress is located in Fagaras, a town in Tara Fagarasului area of Southern Transylvania, on Olt River.

About Fagaras Fortress, Transylvania

It is one of the strongest fortifications in Transylvania and the heart of the town. The fortress is built around a massive castle and is surrounded by a large moat that would fill with water in dangerous situations. The access inside the fortress is made through a bridge over the moat. At the centre of the citadel stands the castle. The large castle has 80 rooms, three levels and five towers massive towers.
Fagaras Fortress was built by Ladislaw Kan around year 1310 on the place of an older fortification, burned down by the Tatars. The fortress was the place where Tara Fagarasului, a large Medieval land of Transylvania, was led from. Guilds were organized around the citadel, bringing Fagaras the fame of an important commercial hot spot.

For a while, around year 1600, the fortress was also the residence home of Michael the Brave's family. Michael was the first leader that unified all 3 major regions of Romania: Transylvania, Wallachia and Moldavia. Due to its safe position and extensive defensive systems, the fortress also functioned as a residence for several Transylvanian princes and more often, for their families. Transylvanian Dieta (the Parliament) was also hosted by the fortress several times. Not much of the former grandeur is preserved to the day, due to its transformation into a military garisson in the 18th century. Since 1954, the Museum of Fagaras Country was hosted by the castle.

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