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Fagaras (German: Fogarasch), city in Transylvania / POP.36,121


Fagaras, Transylvania, Romania

> The impressive Fagaras citadel.
> The city is the gate to Fagaras Mountains.
> The Reformed Church .
> The summertime Fagaras celebrations.

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Tara Fagarasului area in Southern Transylvania, on Olt River, about half the distance between Brasov and Sibiu.

About Fagaras, Transylvania

Apart from its beautiful citadel, the city is also the access point to the highest area of the Transylvanian Alps, the Fagaras Mountains. Fagaras was during the Middle Ages one of the few traditional Romanian enclaves in this Saxon part of Transylvania. For a while, Fagaras even hosted several Transylvanian parliamentary reunions. It is said that Negru Voda, a leader from Fagaras is the founder of the Principality of Wallachia.

The first written document mentioning Romanians in the area comes from 1222. After the Tatar invasion twenty years later, Saxons also settled in the area. For a century, Tara Fagarasului belonged to the prince of Wallachia, then, to the Hungarian kings. During the rule of Transylvanian Prince Gabriel Bethlen (1613-1629), the city became an economic role model city in the southern regions of the realm. Bethlen rebuilt the fortress entirely. Ever since that time, Fagaraş was the residence of the wives of Transylvanian Princes, as an equivalent of Veszprem, the Hungarian "city of queens". Of of them even established a Romanian school here in 1658.

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Places to visit in Fagaras, Romania

The Fagaras citadel the end of the 12th century the fortress itself was made of wood, but it was reinforced in the 14th century and became a stone fortification. In the next centuries, new towers and fortifications will appear. It is currently being used as a museum.
The Reformed Church
...was built around 1715-1740.

Concerts & Festivals in Transylvania

The Fagaras Celebrations
...organized every August, the visitors can enjoy traditional Romanian music and dances and medieval shows.
Christmas Carols Festival
...2 days dedicated to traditional Romanian carols and local costumes.

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