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Galati, City in Moldavia / POP.298,000 (metro: 600.000)


Galati, Moldavia, Romania

> The promenade along the Danube.
> Sightseeing from the 150m tall Television Tower.
> Sfanta Precista Church.
> The Brassband Festival.

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The southern end of Moldavia, close to the Wallachian city of Braila, separated by the Danube.

About Galati, Moldavia

Galati is the 2nd most important city of Moldavia, on the banks of the Danube. The first mention of the city dates from 1445. In 1789, during the Russo-Turkish War, Galaţf0 i was burnt down by the Russian forces. Galati is a good access point to Moldova Republic: Giurgiulesti is the transit point and it's close to the city.

It is the only place in Romania where two relatively large cities are so close to each other; that's why the most interesting project of Galati is to create its metropolitan area together with Braila, a city in Wallachia, 15 km away; cummulating 600,000 people, it would be the 2nd most populated area in Romania after Bucharest.

The city has the largest iron and steel plant in Romania the Arcelor-Mittal Galati. Also, the country's largest shipyard on Danube is located here, benefiting from the good access Galati has to the Black Sea through the Danube and the short distance between its facilities and the steel plant. They're the two most important employers in Galati. Despite its heavy industry, Galati was declared the 2nd greenest city in Romania in terms of parks and green areas.

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Places to visit in Galati, Romania

Eminescu Park
...founded in 1869; it is famous because the most important Romanian poet, Eminescu, used to come here.

Danube's Promenade
..."Faleza Dunarii" is the most iconic place for Galati, on the shore of Danube there's a long area with trees and small restaurants placed in all boats. From time to time there are concerts. It is a great place to see the longest river of EU a few miles just before it flows into smaller channels and then to the Black Sea.

The beaches
...there are two beaches on the shore of the Danube: Valurile Dunarii beach and Vrates beach. Each of them has pools, as Danube isn't clean enough for a bath.

The Botanical Garden
...200 kinds of roses, 3000 kinds of trees. Enjoy an island of solitude and clean air,

The Zoo
...exceptionally, you can do more than just watch the animals: you can also ride a horse if you want, there are several horses trained for this purpose.

The television tower
...a 150 meters tall tower offering full view of the city

Sfanta Precista Church a fortified church, the oldest in Galati. It was built in 1647 with local materials. It was renovated in the last centuries.

The Archiepiscopal Cathedral
...built between 1906-1917 by the first king of Romania, Ferdinand. The design is influenced by the Wallachian style.

St. Nicholas Cathedral
...a fortified church on the banks of the Danube, built in 1647.

Also see:
The Administrative Palace, the Navigation Palace, the University's Palace

Natural Sciences Museum has a small planetarium; the Botanical Garden also belongs to the museum.

The History Museum was established in 1939; the building is older and belonged to the first leader of modern Romania, Cuza.

The Visual Arts Museum
...was the first museum in Romania dedicated to contemporary art and avantgarde. The project began in 1967.

Galati has a university, the "Dunarea de Jos" University, founded as a Naval and Mechanical Engineering Institute. Some of the majors you can get from there are rare in Romania: ship building, wine-making, fish cultivation.


Dunarea Mall Galati

Concerts & Festivals in Moldavia

Check out the Theatre, The Opera House

Puppet Shows International Festival
...the most important in Romania and happens in October.

The International Brassband Festival
...first days of May, more than 10 brassbands are invited to the city for 3 days.

The National Comedy Theare Festival October. It was the first one in Romania to be dedicated to comedy; started in 1976.

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