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Geoagiu-Bai, town and thermal spa in Transylvania / POP.6,200


Geoagiu-Bai, Transylvania, Romania

> The Roman Thermal Baths.
> The surroundings are beautiful.
> A folklore festival.

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Geoagiu-Bai is situated in Southern Transylvania, less than one hour from Alba Iulia.

About Geoagiu-Bai, Transylvania

Known as the "Germisara Roman Thermal Baths" since ancient times, Geoagiu is rich in mineral waters and mud, efficient for nervous system diseases, anxiety, and fatigue. It is also a popular regional weekend destination. The spa is surrounded by beautiful forests and hills.

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Places to visit in Geoagiu-Bai, Romania

The Geoagiu Bai waterfall only 15 minutes walk. you'll have the chance
Going out
Check out Alba Iulia, less than hour east from Geoagiu or Deva, half an hour south.

Concerts & Festivals in Transylvania

The “Ileana Rus” Folklore Festival
...takes place in August, every year.

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