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Gura Portitei, resort in Dobruja

The lost paradise of the Black Sea

Gura Portitei, Dobruja, Romania

> The last isolated resort of the Black Sea
> Enjoy the silence of these forgotten beaches
> Camp on the seaside

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You can get there from Jurilovca village (one hour from Tulcea) with a boat.

About Gura Portitei, Dobruja

Some say that Gura Portitei is the new Vama Veche, a place to run away from the crowded seasides of the Black Sea. For the traveler that crossed the Delta, the sandy beaches are a pleasant surprise. There's a camping and hosting facilities but you can also camp on the seashore and enjoy the silence. You can enjoy daily trips on the Danube or rent a motorboat, hydro bikes or a ski jet. Gura Portitei is streched between Golovita Lake, part of the Delta and the Black Sea. It used to be a small fisherman's village.

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Places to visit in Gura Portitei, Romania

Concerts & Festivals in Dobruja

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