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Harman, village in Transylvania / POP.4,400


Harman, Transylvania, Romania

> The fortified church of Harman.

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 The Saxon area of Burzenland (Tara Barsei), southern Transylvania, 10 km from Brasov.

About Harman, Transylvania

Harman, a village in the old Burzenland (Tara Barsei) region, famous for an impressive fortified church that belonged to the Teutonic Knights in the 13th century. The church has been fortified two centuries later; originally, the interior walls were 12m high and they were provided with 7 towers.

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Places to visit in Harman, Romania

The fortified church is one of the great fortified churches of Transylvania that can be visited if you're based in Brasov (it's 10 minutes driving from the city); most of the other Saxon churches are placed hours away from the city, nearby Sighisoara and Medias.
Going out
Harman is minutes away from Brasov, so take advantage of the big city's rich array of pubs, clubs, theatres and concert venues.

Concerts & Festivals in Transylvania

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