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Iron Gates Natural Park, Banat-Crisana


Iron Gates Natural Park, Banat-Crisana, Romania

> Europe's largest gorges: 134km long.
> The 2nd largest protected area in Romania.
> Beautiful mountains cascading into the Danube.
> The most impressive portion of the longest river in EU. 

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The largest portion belongs to Banat-Crisana region; its eastern corner is located in Oltenia region. The closest important city is Turnu Severin, in Oltenia.

About Iron Gates Natural Park, Banat-Crisana 

18 natural reservations belong to this park. Most of the area is made of high mountains in the proximity of the Danube. One of the most impressive structures in Romania is located here: the Iron Gates Dam, the largest one on Danube river produces alone 15% of all the energy used in the country. The Danube Gorges, located in the area is the largest gorges of Europe, 134km.
The Iron Gates Natural Park ("Portile de Fier" in Romanian) is a natural park located mainly in Banat Crisana region. It includes the Romanian part of the Iron Gate of the Danube River, and stretches along the left bank of the river. Across the river is the Derdap national park of Serbia. It has an area of over 1.100 sq km, the 2nd largest reservation in Romania after the Danube Delta. Turtles, vipers, wolfes and other animals are protected within the Iron Gates area.

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