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Jidvei, Transylvania, Romania

> The Jidvei Winery and Cellars.
> It is the queen of Romanian white whines.
> Awarded over 100 national and international medals.
> Tarnave region is the most important wine region of Transylvania.
> The 15th century Lutheran Church.

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It is located less than one hour distance from Alba Iulia, in the Tarnava Valley area.

About Jidvei, Transylvania

Winemaking has been an important local industry throughout the history of Jidvei, a village founded before the year 1499. Jidvei is currently one of the most important wine producing regions in Romania. It is a traditional white wines area. The presence of German population in the villages of Jidvei area, their relationships with the population of the Mosele an Rhine valleys have contributed to the quality of the wines produced in Jidvei. The vine area around Jidvei covers about 10 sq km, on the southern hills of the region, sheltered from winds and frost.

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Places to visit in Jidvei, Transylvania

The Lutheran Church
...built in the 15th century in gothic style and modified around 1700 in baroque style.

Concerts & Festivals in Jidvei

Check out the city of Alba Iulia for places to dinner and for clubs.

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