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Letea and Rosca-Buhaiova, natural reservation in Dobruja


Letea and Rosca-Buhaiova, Dobruja, Romania

> The largest colony of pelicans in Europe.
> The first natural reservation of Romania: Letea.

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Rosca-Buhaiova is 150 km2 large and is located in the northern side of the Delta, close to Matita lake and Letea area, less than an hour distance from Tulcea. It is accessible from Letea village.

About Letea and Rosca-Buhaiova, Dobruja

Some of the greatest birds colonies in the world are located in this area. Letea is the oldest natural reservation in Romania, established in 1938.
Rosca-Buhaiova is a very diverse area of the Danube Delta: lakes and sand banks, flooded areas and a rich fauna. The fauna includes foxes, otters or even wild boar and the largest colony of white pelicans in Europe (about 7.000). It is a protected area starting with the 1940's when it was declared a Natural Reservation. Forty years late it was declared a Biosphere Reservation, together with Letea forest.
Letea is a forest located between Chilia and Sulina branches of the Danube. It was declared a Biosphere reservation because it hosts several rare species of plants, some of them unique in the world. It's interesting that most of the exotic plants from Letea appeared as a result of migratory birds bringing with them seeds from Africa. The trees are twisted in a strange way and bend to the water.

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