Top 10 Medieval Towns, Romania 

Regions: Transylvania, Wallachia and Moldavia.

Medieval Towns, Travel Guide 

> Sighisoara, considered to be the most beautiful inhabited Medieval citadel in Europe.
> Brasov, Cluj and Sibiu, large Transylvanian cities with beautiful old towns.
> Alba Iulia citadel is star-shaped, has a circumference of 12 km, 7 huge bastions and it is very well preserved.

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8 locations are in Transylvania, one in Wallachia and one in Moldavia.

About the Medieval Towns, Romania 

Medieval Old Towns, military fortresses, old Romanian Medieval regional capitals, Saxon craftsmanship and fortified churches built centuries ago: Romania hosts the richest Medieval heritage in South-Eastern Europe.

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Because its richer Medieval urban development, Transylvania has 8 out of 10 positions in the top. The most important of them are the former Saxon towns of Brasov, Cluj, Sibiu, Bistrita, Medias and Sighisoara; Fagaras is a traditional ethnic Romanian area and its citadel is spectacular. The other 3 cities in the top are the former regional capitals of the main Romanian regions, Transylvania - Alba Iulia is its old capital, Wallachia - Targoviste is its old capital and Moldavia - Suceava is its old capital. 


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