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Village in Bessarabia (Moldova Republic) / POP.4,500


Milestii Mici, Bessarabia, Moldova Rep.

> The biggest Wine Collection in the world.
> The Milestii Mici cellars are also the biggest in the world.

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Milestii Mici is located in Bessarabia region, 18 km from the Moldova Republic's capital, Chisinau.

About Milestii Mici, Bessarabia

Milestii Mici was registered in 2005 in the Guinness World Records for having the biggest Wine Collection in the world. Stretching underground for 250 kilometres, of which only 120 kilometres are currently in use, the Milestii Mici cellar complex is also the largest in the world.
Overall, the complex holds nearly 2 million bottles. More than 70% of the stored wines are red, 20% are white and about 10% are dessert ones. The most valuable items of this collection, worth €480 a bottle, were produced in 1973-74; they are now exported only to Japan.

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Places to visit in Milestii Mici, Bessarabia

Milestii Mici Cellars
...the walls are made of sea shell rock, the light being provided by lamps. Mosaic ponds, sculptures, the stained-glass windows, the silence and the comfort will help you enjoy some of the best wines in the world. There is a rule about tasting wines: first the white, then the red, the dry then the sweet, first the young, then the old.

Concerts & Festivals in Milestii Mici

You are minutes away from Chisinau that offers a whole range of entertaining opportunities.

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