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Millenium Church of Timisoara, Banat-Crisana


Millenium Church of Timisoara, Banat-Crisana, Romania

> About 3.000 people can fit inside.
> It is the largest Catholic church of the city.
> It is 71m long and 65m high.
> The organ concerts.

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Millenium is located in the old district of Fabric in Timisoara, the capital of Banat-Crisana region.

About Millenium Church of Timisoara, Banat-Crisana 

Milleniumis the most important Catholic Chuch of Timisoara and it is located in Romanilor Plaza. The service is celebrated in all 4 languages of the Catholic community of Timisoara: Hungarian, German, Romanian and Italian.

In 1886 the Catholic community of Timisoara (the city was still part of Austro-Hungary) gathered to discuss the building of a new church in Timisoara Fabric district. They were backed by the city's authorities and the elite, decided that the church, which was to be built, has to bear the name "Millennium", honoring of the celebration of 1000 years since the formation of the Hungarian State that included for a long time the city of Timisoara. Work started in 1896 and it was consecrated in 1901.

Millenium is designed in neo-Roman style and outside it is covered with raw brick. Church walls are very thick, some of them up to 3,6m. It is 71m long and 65m high. The old baroque style Roman-Catholic church of Fabric, built in 1726, was given to the Greek-Catholic community, an old denomination of Banat area that didn't have a church of their own.

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