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Murfatlar, Dobruja, Romania

> Murfatlar Winery surrounded by beautiful vineyards.
> The 2,000 years long wine tradition of Dobruja
> The Wine and Vine Museum and the Tasting Halls.
> The oldest church in Romania: from the 9th century.
> The proximity of Constanta and the seaside.

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Murfatlar is located in Dobruja, between the Danube and the Black Sea, in the middle of the region's plateau.

About Murfatlar, Dobruja

The vineyards of Murfatlar the largest one in Romania, about 30 sq km. The area enjoys lots of sun and the perfect soil, as well as the proximity of the Black Sea. Wine making is older than 2,000 years in this area. In 1907, Romanian specialist improved the variety of grapes of the region while 30 years later, the company was founded. Murfatlar wines were frequently awarded medals at international competitions.

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Places to visit in Murfatlar, Dobruja

The Wine and Vine Museum
...exhibits items used in the producing, storage and transporting the wine. It was established in 1970. The Wine Tasting Rooms are close to the museum and it is where you can enjoy the rich collection of Murfatlar wines and initiated into the art of wine tasting by the local experts.

Basarabi-Murfatlar Cave Complex a medieval cave complex close to Murfatlar. In 1957, a complex of small Christian churches, dwellings, crypts and tombs, which were used from the 9th until 11th century, was discovered. It could be the first Christian church on the Romanian territory. There are many inscriptions on the walls written variously in Asiatic Runes, the Greek alphabet and Old Slavic.

Concerts & Festivals in Murfatlar

You are close to Constanta, the capital of Dobruja, where you can find excellent restaurants and huge nightclubs and seaside terraces.

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