Top 10 National Parks, Romania 

Region: Banat-Crisana, Transylvania, Wallachia, Dobruja, Bessarabia, Oltenia

+ Apuseni National Park (Transylvania & Banat-Crisana, Romania) 

+ Bucegi National Park (Wallachia, Romania) 

+ Cheile Nerei - Beusnita National Park (Banat-Crisana, Romania) 

+ Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation (Dobruja, Romania) 

+ Domogled - Valea Cernei National Park (Banat-Crisana & Oltenia,... 

+ Iron Gates National Park (Banat-Crisana, Romania) 

+ Lower Dnestr National Park (Bessarabia, Moldova Republic) 

+ Retezat National Park (Transylvania, Romania)

+ Rodna Biosphere Reservation (Transylvania, Romania) 

+ Semenic National Park (Banat-Crisana, Romania)  


National Parks, Travel Guide 

> The spectacular sceneries.
> The richest wild life everywhere in Europe.
> Most parks are off the beaten path for most tourists.
> Danube Delta is the largest in Europe.

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About the National Parks, Romania 

Mountains make up for a third of Romania's territory. There are lots of peaks higher than 2.000m altitude. Visit some of the most remote mountain areas of Europe in the Romanian Carpathians and don't forget to visit the spectacular delta of Danube river.

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The Carpathian Mountains or Carpathians are a range of mountains forming an arc roughly 1,500 km (932 mi) long across Central and Eastern Europe, making them the largest mountain range in Europe. They provide the habitat for the largest European populations of brown bears, wolves, chamois and lynxes, with the highest concentration in Romania, as well as over one third of all European plant species. Except for the Danube Delta, all the National Parks of Romania are located in the Carpathians. The Danube Delta is the largest delta of Europe and one of the top 3 most important in the world. 


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