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Top 10 "Off the Beaten Path" Destinations, Romania 

Region: Transylvania, Oltenia, Moldavia, Dobruja

+ Alba Carolina Citadel (Transylvania, Romania)

+ Apuseni National Park (Transylvania, Romania)

+ Hunyad Castle (Transylvania, Romania)

+ Sarmizegetusa Regia (Transylvania, Romania)

+ The Lipizzaner Horses of Sambata (Transylvania, Romania)

+ The Monasteries of Neamt (Moldavia, Romania)

+ The Mountain Train of Vaser Valley (Transylvania, Romania)

+ The Pottery Workshops of Horezu (Oltenia, Romania)

+ Transalpina (Transylvania & Oltenia, Romania)

+ Vama Veche (Dobruja, Romania)

"Off the beaten path", Travel Guide 

> 10 amazing destinations that either miss from or are underestimated by the travel guides.

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Most of them are in Transylvania, one in Dobruja, one in Moldavia and one in Oltenia.

About "Off the beaten path" destinations, Romania

Citadels and castles, pure breed stud farms, amazing caves, old monasteries, traditional pottery workshops, relics of the old civilizations, hippie communities, alpine roads and mountain trains: this is the off the beaten path guide to Romania.

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Alba Carolina citadel is a huge - 1km diameter - fortress that used to be the military headquarters of Transylvania. Apuseni National Park has some of the most spectacular caves in the world. Hunyadi is probably the most impressive castle in Romania, though frequently overlooked by tourists. Sarmizegetusa is the former capital of the Dacians, an ancient civilization dated before 500 BC. Sambata has the largest Lipizzaner (the royal horse of the Austrian Empire) studs farm in Europe. On Vaser Valley you can enjoy a train ride up to the mountains. Horezu is the most important traditional pottery center in Romania. Transalpina crosses the Transylvanian Alps up to over 2.000m altitude. Vama Veche is the seaside refuge of the hippies for decades.


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