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Oprisor, Oltenia, Romania

> The Oprisor wineyard.
> The proximity of Danube.
> The provincial charm of a little village.

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Oprisor is a small village 15km from the Danube river, in the south side of Oltenia region. It is close to Turnu Severin city.

About Oprisor, Oltenia

Carl Reh is an old German family that masters the art of wine making. The first vineyard was on Mosel Valley in Germany. The company grows into the largest wine exporter of Germany and opens a vineyard - Scorila-Oprisor Vineyard - in Romania in 1993 on the Carpathian hills of Drancea lands.

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Places to visit in Oprisor, Oltenia

Oprisor is a small (about 3 sq km) but very productive land, the first vineyard of the German wine-master in Eastern Europe. The area receives over 1,500 hours of sunlight during a year and the soil is excellent. Carl Reh Winery is one of the leading exporters of wines with denomination of origin, Romania.

Concerts & Festivals in Oprisor

You are close to Turnu Severin city where you'll find several restaurants and clubs.

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