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Poiana Brasov
, ski resort in Transylvania 


Poiana Brasov, Transylvania, Romania

> Cable-car to Postavaru, 1.799m.
> The resort is surrounded by four mountains.
> The air is medically recommended for physical/mental recovery.

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 12 km from Brasov, easily accessible from the city.

About Poiana Brasov, Transylvania

Poiana Braşov one of the top Romanian ski resort, preferred both by locals and tourists. It is surrounded by mountains, some of them over 2.000m high.

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Places to visit in Poiana Brasov, Romania

From the base you can hike or take a cable car to Cristianu Mare or Postăvaru summits. Poiana Braşov is surrounded by four mountains: Postăvaru (1,799 m), Piatra Craiului (2,238 m), Bucegi (2,505 m) and Piatra Mare (1,848 m). There is a snow cover of about 50-60 cm which lasts from mid-November until mid-March, for about 120 days a year. However one can expect snowfalls since the end of September.

Amongst other attractions in Poiana Braşov visitors can find traditional mulled wine and a pepper spiced alcoholic drink known as "tzuica" as well as other traditional Romanian fare.

Going out
Poiana Braşov hosts a few restaurants: two of the better known restaurants are Sura Dacilor (The Dacians' Barn) and Coliba Haiducilor (The Outlaws' Shack) and also a nightclub, Capra Neagra (The Chamois). Also, you're minutes away from Brasov, where you can find plenty of pubs, clubs, theatres and concert venues.

Concerts & Festivals in Transylvania

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