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Poienile Izei, village in Transylvania / POP.1,000

Visit Poienile Izei in Maramures ethnographic area of Transylvania, a serene place surrounded by amazing landscapes.

Poienile Izei, Maramures, Romania

> The Poienile Izei wooden church

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The village is located on Iza Valley in Maramures, a northern region of Transylvania.

About Poienile Izei, Maramures

Like all the other UNESCO protected churches of Maramures, this one is also a great example of amazingly simple and resistent structures built almost entirely in wood.

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Places to visit in Poienile Izei, Romania

The wooden church
The wodden church of Poienile Izei is one of the eight churches included in the World Heritage UNESCO list.

Concerts & Festivals in Maramures

If you're interested in clubs or good restaurants, the best place to go is the city of Baia Mare. If you decide to spend the night in the village, though, you can ask your host to cook for you some traditional Maramures dishes for dinner.

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