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Purcari, Bessarabia, Moldova Rep.

> The oldest cellars in Bessarabia: built in 1827.
> Taste their wines at Chateau Purcari.
> Purcari was a provider of the Royal House of England.
> Some wines are older than the '50s

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The Purcari village and the vineyards stretch along the Western coast of Dnester river, that separates Bessarabia from the Ukrainian lands. The closest important city is Tighina.

About Purcari, Bessarabia

Thanks to the glitter of gold medals won at the European competitions, Purcari wines adorned the dinner tables of the world’s greatest rulers such as Russian Emperor Nicolai II, the English King George V and Queen Victoria. Around one million bottles of wine is produced in Purcari each year. The portfolio now consists of seven kinds of wine. The old cellars of Purcari were recently renovated. In less than 3 years, their wines won 27 awards at various specialized international contests and wine tastings.

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Places to visit in Purcari, Bessarabia

Purcari Chateau
...is in the heart of Purcari wine region. Unlike Cricova and Milestii Mici, Purcari is not located in the area of Chisinau but on Dnestre river, in the south-eastern side of Bessarabia. This wine region is famous for its red wines: Rosu de Purcari and Negru de Purcari. The firstfirst specialized winemaking company in Purcari was established in 1827. 50 years later, the Purcari winemakers brought their wines to the Paris World Exhibition: the jury thought it was a new brand from the famous Bordeaux region. They were surprised to learn that the beverage came from an unknown village called Purcari, situated in Bessarabia; it earned the highest form of recognition on the international stage by being awarded the Gold Medal. You can now taste the famous Purcari wines at Purcari Chateau.

Concerts & Festivals in Purcari

You can spend the night at Purcari Chateau or you can accomodate in Tighina, where you'll find places to eat and hang out.

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