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Putna, town in Moldavia / POP.3,700


Putna, Moldavia, Romania

> Putna Monastery
> The tomb of Stephen the Great

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 Bukovina area, the north-western corner of Moldavia; a former province of Austria, Bukovina is now divided between Romania and Ukraine. The city of Suceava is the main urban center in the area. Putna is closer to the city of Radauti.

About Putna, Moldavia

 The Putna Monastery houses the tombs of Stephen the Great, the most important leader of Moldavia — nowadays, a place of pilgrimage. The Putna monastery is one of the most important cultural, religious and artistic centers established in medieval Moldavia.

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Places to visit in Putna, Romania

Putna Monastery
As with many others, the monastery was built by Prince Stephen the Great, famous for building and influencing the building of dozens of churches and monasteries all over Moldavia (allegedly, he founded a religious edifice after each important military victory). In 1466, right after Stephen the Great won the battle in which he conquered a citadel, he began work on the monastery as a means to give thanks to God, a church to be dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It was completed in three years. The church was rebuilt a hundred years later; although the building is a typical 15th and 16th century Moldavian church, it has many architectural and decorative features characteristic for the 17th century architecture.

Going out
Most of the entertainment facilities are located in the city of Suceava. You can also spend some time in Radauti, a city, pop.27,000, closer to Putna, where you can find a few places to go out.

Concerts & Festivals in Moldavia

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