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Rasnov (German: Risenau), town in Transylvania / POP.16,000


Rasnov, Transylvania, Romania

> The Rasnov citadel.
> The stud-farms.
> The 13th century evangelical church.
> Trekking, climbing, mountainbiking in the Rasnovei Gorges.
> Bungee-jumping - one of the highest in Europe.

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Rasnov is a town placed in the Saxon area of southern Transylvania, 15 km from Brasov, on the road that links Transylvania with Wallachia, in the Burzenland (Tara Barsei) area.

About Rasnov, Transylvania

The old medieval town of Rasnov is placed closed to a big forest that goes to the mountains and features one of the most imposing medieval citadels in Romania.

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Places to visit in Rasnov, Romania

The medieval citadel
A citadel was built in 13th century by the Teutonic Knights, helped the locals, following the great Tatar invasion of 1241 It was so strong that it resisted the Tatar invasion and was conquered only once in its history. A famous 143 meters deep well sits in the centre of Rasnov Fortress. In the middle age, Rasnov was the second most important city of the Saxon region of Burzenland, after Brasov.

The old Evangelic church
...the one with old clock. Right in the city center. Freshly renovated. It has been built in the 13th century and the murals date from around 1500.

Cheile Rasnoavei
...this green canyon is appreciated for its beauty not only by locals and tourists but also by movie producers who have filmed here. In the canyon there is a fast mountain river with many small waterfalls. Here you can walk, drive an ATV, climb, picnic, camp (but beware of bears), or just enjoy this natural and well preserved area. Bungee Jumping: presumably one of the highest in eastern Europe - 137 m. You jump between cliffs in the "Cheile Rasnoavei" region. The cost is about 100 Euro for one jump.

Going out
Rasnov is 15' away from Brasov, so take advantage of the big city's rich array of pubs, clubs, theatres and concert venues.

Concerts & Festivals in Transylvania

Horse riding festival
For those who like horses, Rasnov holds a 3 days festival in July, dedicated to equitation as well as to local traditions. There are also excellent stud-farms in Rasnov, so ask around if you feel like riding a pure-blooded Spanish horse.

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