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Recas, Banat-Crisana, Romania

> Wine tasting at the 50 years old Recas cellars.
> Recas wines are exported in 50 countries.
> The proximity of Timisoara, a major cultural center.

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It is situated located half an hour away from Timisoara in the southern Banat area of Banat-Crisana region.

About Recas, Banat-Crisana

The wine making in Banat is a tradition that goes back to the Roman Empire. The legend says that the Roman god of wine, Bacchus spent his childhood here. By the 15th century, the Recas wines were already famous. Starting eith the 18th century, the area was home to the Schwaben German community, who helped maintaining the old wine tradition of Recas. The Recas village is attested starting with 1319. The village became a town a few years ago.

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Places to visit in Recas, Banat-Crisana

Cramele Recas
...the 50 years old cellars host white, red and rose internationally awarded wines. Recas wines are exported in over 50 countries. You will be able to see the tools used in wine-making and wine conservation and enjoy the wine exhibition. Wine tasting with and without food is also available.

Concerts & Festivals in Recas

You will probably not spend the night in Recas but Timisoara is very close and the capital of Banat-Crisana offers some of the best entertainment you can get in Romania.

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