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Rodna Biosphere Reservation, Transylvania


Rodna Biosphere Reservation, Transylvania, Romania

> It is a UNESCO protected area.
> Beautiful high-altitude lakes and waterfalls.
> Several peaks higher than 2.000m.

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It is located in northern Transylvania. Part of it belongs to the Maramures Land area while the other part belongs to Bistrita lands.

About Rodna Biosphere Reservation, Transylvania

Rodna National Park is located in the central area of Rodna Mountains. Because of its rich fauna and alpine vegetation it was declared a Biosphere Reservation by UNESCO. There are areas of high importance located in the Park. Bears, hawks, lynx and other animals are protected in this area.

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Places to visit in Rodna Biosphere Reservation, Romania

Pietrosu Mare Reservation
Has the most impressing glacial landscape in the area. Several alpine lakes are located there; the most important one is Iezer Lake, 3450m area, at 1825m altitude. The highest peak is Buhaescu, 2.221m.

Ineu-Lala Reservation
It has an area of 25 sq km and it is also rich in glacial landscapes. One of the most impressive waterfall of the Carpathians, the Waterfall of Horses, 80m high, is located within the reservation.

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