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Sanpetru (German: Petersburg), village in Transylvania / POP.3,400


Sanpetru, Transylvania, Romania

> The Sanpetru fortified church.
> Paragliding around Lempes hill.

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Sanpetru is a village placed in Burzenland (Tara Barsei), an area of the Saxon Transylvania, 5 km from Brasov.

About Sanpetru, Transylvania

You can take a cab from Brasov, 5 minutes later you'll be in Sanpetru, where you can see a beautiful medieval Saxon church and get an adrenaline rush paragliding around the village.

This area was home to many Transylvanian Saxons, although after 1989 much of this community emigrated to Germany. It was founded duric the Teutonic ocuppation. The center of the village was built by this group and shows the influence of German architecture. Since 1989, more luxurious houses have been built on the outskirts of the village, slowly linking it with Braşov.

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Places to visit in Sanpetru, Romania

The fortified church
The landmark of the village is the 13th century fortified church. The original 3-nave basilica was demolished in 1794, when the tower collapsed and the structure was demolished and construction on a new church was begun. There are still a few traces of the original 13th century paintings on the defensive walls that surrounded the church.

Sanpetru's main tourist attraction is the land around Lempes hill, a partially-forested promintory which is a reservation for wild flora. Paragliding enthusiasts use the hill as a launch point; the club (the first one in Romania) was founded in 1937. It still exists today: look for the Iosif Silimon Aeroclub.

Going out
Sanpetru is minutes away from Brasov, so take advantage of the big city's rich array of pubs, clubs, theatres and concert venues.

Concerts & Festivals in Transylvania

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