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Sanziene in Baciu, pegan celebration in Transylvania 


Sanziene in Baciu, Transylvania, Romania

> A summer night when fairies come to our world.
> Baciu is the richest area in paranormal activities in Romania.
> Probably the most important pagan celebration for Romanians.

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Baciu is a forest 5km from Cluj, the historic capital of Transylvania.

About Sanziene in Baciu, Transylvania

Sanziene (or Dragaica) is the only pagan celebration with no Christian layer whatsoever to be found in the Orthodox Christian calendar. It is called "Sanziene" in the western and northern regions and "Dragaica" in the southern and eastern regions. "Sanziene" are spirits of the forest, good fairies that help people to heal, find their partner or help the agriculture. In the night between 23rd and 24th of June. The fairies dance above the ground and the lucky ones can see them. It is a Summer celebration that takes place in the traditional Romanian villages and people gather full of excitement and walk to the woods and to the rivers with flowers and fire.
Starting with the '90s, press was talking about paranormal activities in Baciu, a forest 5km from Cluj. It is considered to be the most unusual place in Romania. It started in the '50s with a local biologist who observed unusual lights that he considered to be unexplainable but natural. In the '70s several scientist researched the phenomenon. The subject is treated in a serious matter, and the best proof is that some of those who study Baciu area today are professors at Babes-Bolyai University, the most prestigious one in Romania. Several people witnessed the presence of spirits during the night between 23rd and 24th of June. That is why a considerable group of people go in Baciu forest every year by Sanziene.

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