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Budesti, village in Transylvania / POP.3,300

Visit the Wooden Church of Sarbi Susani (Budesti), built in 1639, a masterpiece of rural architecture. The village is located in Maramures area.

Sarbi Susani, Maramures, Romania

> The wooden church of Sarbi Susani

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The village is located on Cosau Valley in Maramures, a northern region of Transylvania

About Sarbi Susani, Maramures

This simple wooden church, built 1639, has the best preserved portal in Maramures, the most intricate and rich in details.

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Places to visit in Sarbi Susani, Romania

The wooden church of Sarbi Susani
This church is quite modest in size, still really charming. The noble founders of this modest house of worship might have been either poor or conservative, if they couldn’t afford or did not wanted bells for a tower, iron for the hinges of the doors, carved stones for the altar table or glasses for the windows. Whatever the situation was, the carpenter had to solve the shortage of resources in a very traditional way, replacing the missing materials with pieces of wood. These could have been the reasons why the church from Sarbi Susani retains the most ancient features in the local architecture. The wooden church from Sarbi Susani, was dated 1639 and appears to have been built by the same master carpenter as the one from Budeşti Josani (1643), a village part of the same commune.

Concerts & Festivals in Maramures

If you're interested in clubs or good restaurants, the best place to go is the city of Baia Mare. If you decide to spend the night in the village, though, you can ask your host to cook for you some traditional Maramures dishes for dinner.

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