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Saschiz (German: Keisd), village in Transylvania / POP.2,000


Saschiz, Transylvania, Romania

> The fortified church of Apold.
> The forests surrounding the village.

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The Saxon area of southern Transylvania, close to the city of Sighisoara.

About Saschiz, Transylvania

The village first appears in a written document from 1308. It was a Szekely village until the 13th century when German colonists populated the area. It was a direct rival for Sighisoara but the latter will ultimately become the leading power in the region.

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Places to visit in Saschiz, Romania

Saschiz fortified church 
It is a 1343 built UNESCO-protected fortified church; during the Middle Age, this village used to be in direct competition with the great citadel of Sighisoara. The church was built starting 1493. The tower - resembling the one from Sighisoara - was added later and renovated in the 19th century but was severely damaged by an earhquake in 1986. The most valuable artefact is a 5 centuries old goblet. The fortification has up to 9 meters high. On one of the stones, the year 1343 was graved. There was a 60 meters well in the middle and the legend says it was connected to the center of the village. Apart from this church, there were another 6 in Saschiz, a reason for some to call it Siebenkirchen (Seven Churches).
Going out
If you plan to go out in the evenings, you won't find much within the village itself. Try the nearby medieval city of Sighisoara, pop.32,300, for pubs, clubs, restaurants or concerts.

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