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Scornicesti, town in Wallachia/ POP.12,800


Scornicesti, Wallachia, Romania

> The house where Ceausescu was born.
> A village becomes an urban Communist model.
> The stadium can host 3 times the town's population.

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Western Wallachia, close to Olt river and the border with Oltenia.

About Scornicesti, Wallachia

In the 70's and 80's Ceausescu, inspired by Asian communist leaders begins his campaign of demolishing rural ways of life in favor of urban settlements that are more organized and easier to control. The best proof of his intentions was his home village, Scornicesti, that was equiped with all the institutions needed to function as a town. It was, ultimately declared a town in 1989.

Ceausescu was born in a poor peasant family of Oltenian descent in Scornicesti in January 1918. He lived for only 11 years in his home village then left for Bucharest to find a job in the factories. Became president of the Communist Party in 1965. Two years later he was already leading the State Council, that gave him power similar to a president. He actually changed his title into "President of Romania" in 1974 and remained so until December 1989.

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Places to visit in Scornicesti, Romania

Ceausescu's Birth Place
...the house was built in 1890. After becoming a president, Ceausescu partially redesigned it in 1978. The house belonged to his father, descendent of a family of shepherds.

The stadium
...Ceausescu wanted to have his home village in the premiere football division, and he did it. The dictator's team was hosted by a 30,000 seats stadium while the village wasn't larger than 10,000 people. The team was in the first division for many years; after 1989 Revolution, it was relegate and now plays in a local division while the useless stadium looks like it was abbandoned.

It is interesting to observe how poor peasant neighborhoods mix with communist concrete buildings in Scornicesti. The modern times added a new layer of kitsch together with the free market.

Nothing really happens around here, so check out Pitesti, half an hour from the town or even Bucharest, that is an extra hour from Pitesti, on the highway.

Concerts & Festivals in Wallachia

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