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Sfantu Gheorghe, Dobruja, Romania

> The only place in Delta where you can see both the Danube and the sea.
> Beautiful, forgotten beaches.
> An International Film Festival happens here in August.

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The village is located in the Delta, about 120km East from Tulcea on the Sf. Gheorghe canal.

About Sfantu Gheorge, Dobruja

Most Black Sea beaches in Romania become popular since the 60's. Today it is very hard to find a piece of land where you can enjoy silence. Together with Gura Portitei and Sulina, Sf. Gheorghe is one of those few places where you can enjoy the Black Sea without the crowds. There's a small community center with a town hall, a pub and some food stores and is surrounded by one-store houses. Inhabitants fish and work as tourist guides for visitors of the channels of the Danube. Sfantu Gheorghe is also the name of the most southern branch of the Danube, that travels for over 100km and flows into the Black Sea. This is the last village on the branch, actually the only place in the Delta where you can see both the Danube and the sea.

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Places to visit in Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania

Sacalin-Zatoane is a huge natural reservation located very close to Sfantu Ghoerghe village. It covers over 200 km2 close to the seaside and it is one of the favorite places for migratory birds from all over the world.

Concerts & Festivals in Dobruja

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